Tips for Winning Industry Awards

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Awards season is coming up in the special event industry and I wanted to share some award entry tips I’ve learned from both judging these awards and submitting winning entries. While it’s probably too late for this one, but you should BE PREPARED in advance. During the year think about what events that you’re doing could be contenders for awards. Take notes during (or the Monday after) your event of what was so great about the event, what challenges you overcame, etc. You’ll be amazed how many of the details you forget 6 months later. Hire a professional photographer to get high quality shots of your event (use them for other marketing as well!) and be sure to take a quick video of your event in action as well. This leads me to my biggest tip. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PHOTOS! It’s been my experience that people judging awards don’t spend as much time pouring over ever word you’ve written as they do looking at the photos. Make sure your photos tell the story of the event. If you talk about something in your entry, you better have a photo for the judges to reference and get a sense of what you’re describing. Don’t rely on your iPhone photos for these, hire a professional and let them know what shots in particular you’d like to have for your entry. Don’t forget about the set up and before & after shots. Frankly if your photos don’t look great and fully capture the scope of your event, don’t bother entering your event for an award. Tip #3: FIND AN ANGLE. It’s not enough to say you had to deal with a small budget for what the client wanted (everyone says that!) Find something that really sets you’re event apart. How did you creatively solve a problem/attain a goal for your client? What inventive new techniques did you use for this event? What makes your event stand out from the rest of the entries? That should really be the centerpiece of the written portion.

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